The Alphabet of Britain In Rare 10p Coin Designs

The Alphabet of Britain In Rare 10p Coin Designs

If you want to celebrate the best of everything uniquely British, the A-Z of Britain in 10p coins, minted in 2019 is a good choice. This rare coin collection has an even lower mintage than the 2018 A-Z of Britain 10p coin collection.

While each of the 2018 dated A-Z 10p coins have the same mintage of 220,000 - in 2019, the mintages are varied among the designs. In this collection, you have the opportunity to collect 26 commemorative 10p coins,
showcasing the best of British culture. Each unique 10p coin has a letter engraving referencing a relevant British pastime that makes the British culture so iconic.

What makes the 2019 Coin Collection Different?

The coin designs from 2019 may be the same as 2018 but they have a much lower
circulation. For example, the 2019 World Wide Web, Yeoman Warders and Zebra
Crossing 10p coins all have a mintage of just 63,000 in circulation!
In comparison to the rarest 50p in circulation - the Kew Gardens 50p with a circulating
mintage of 210,000 – and this puts into perspective how rare these 10p coins are.
Collectors who have managed to find the Q, W, Y, Z and R 10p coins will also be
delighted to see that these have a lower mintage than the other 21 designs from the
previous year.
Other 10p coins to check for include the Robin and Queuing 10p, with a 2019 mintage
of 64,000 and 83,000 respectively.

Start Collecting The 2019 A-Z of Great Britain Coins

By possessing the official A-Z 10p British Coin Collection minted in 2019, you'll have the opportunity to acquire some of the rarest coins in circulation.
The unique A-Z of Great Britain coin designs include:
A - for Angel of the North
B - for Bond
C - for Cricket
D - for Double Decker Bus
E - for English Breakfast
F - for Fish and Chips
G - for Greenwich Mean Time
H - for Houses of Parliament
I - for Ice Cream
J - for Jubilee
K - for King Arthur
L - for the Loch Ness Monster
M - for Mackintosh
N - for the National Health Service
O - for Oak Tree
P - for Post Box
Q - for Queuing
R - for Robin
S - for Stonehenge
T - for Teapot
U - for Union Jack
V - for Villages
W - for World Wide Web
X - Marks the Spot
Y - for Yeoman Warder
Z - for Zebra Crossing

It is recommended to obtain the A-Z 10p British coins while available as some of the
coins may have higher demand than others.

You’ll appreciate the 2019 A-Z of Great Britain 10p Coin Collection if you’re an
enthusiastic collector of coins, as this collection commemorates diverse aspects of

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