Crown Date Run Collection - 1887 to 1901 - 26 coins

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At the British Coin Company, we have a limited number of 26 crowns of all different dates for you to start collecting today! This includes a variety of crowns from Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II.

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The Winston Churchill Crown

In 1965, a crown coin was released by the Royal Mint to commemorate Sir Winston Churchill’s death. The crown was designed by Croatian born sculptor, Oscar Nemon and features a sombre-looking head and shoulders portrait of Churchill, facing right. The word ‘CHURCHILL’ is on the right side of the coin.

The Churchill Crown has two sides - the head side of the coin is the profile of Queen
Elizabeth II with the year 1965 and the Latin phrase, “Elizabeth II dei gratia Regina F.D.” The
F.D. refers to fidei defensor, or defender of the faith. In translation, the phrase proclaims, “Elizabeth II, By The Grace of God, the Queen and the Defender of the Faith.”

QueenElizabeth Crown Coins

There are a number of significant Queen Elizabeth II Crown Coins
worth adding to your collection. The 1953 British Coronation Crown
was minted to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, for example.

As a five-shilling piece, the obverse features a portrait of The Queen
mounted on her horse Winston. It has the words, ‘Faith and Truth I Will Bear Onto You’. On the reverse, the coin features the four quarters of the Royal Arms, each depicted within a shield.

In between each of the four emblems of the home nations - a rose, a
thistle, a shamrock, and a leek - and in the centre of the design is
a crown. This crown has a mintage of 40,000 making it a valuable find
for your collection. The coin has a weight of 28.28g and a diameter
of 38.61mm.

The Crown Date Run Collection

Crown coins are a type of commemorative coin that historically have a value of five shillings (25 pence). Initially they were used as currency,
but they gradually evolved into commemorative and collectible pieces,
often featuring special designs to mark important events,
celebrations and anniversaries.

Typically larger and heavier than standard circulation coins, British crown coins are often produced in limited quantities, adding to their
intrinsic value, and making them highly sought after by collectors.

Crown coins come in a variety of designs showcasing the changing times of British history. Everything from Queen
Victoria to Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II crowns
available to collect.

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